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// Form a party of 3 with your friends and take part in the Trio Tournaments this summer! //

// Hitting dozens of stores across the USA and Canada //

AUGUST 1 – 31


Attention, players residing in North America! To celebrate the upcoming summer break, we will be holding special Luck & Logic Trio Tournaments in the month of August! The tournaments will take place at selected Bushiroad Official Stores across North America. Simply get two of your friends to enter these special tournaments with you and stand a chance to win exclusive goodies!

In this event, each of your team members may only choose cards from one of these releases: Trial Deck 01: Brave Logic or Trial Deck 02: Rinne Logic. As all teams will be playing with decks from a similar pool of cards, the tournaments will be battles of strategy and creativity, which will be great for new and seasoned players alike!

For players of other Bushiroad card games, Trio Tournaments are also available for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, and Future Card Buddyfight this summer break! Check out the event pages for more details!

Have fun card gaming this summer!


Trio Tournament Format and Regulations

Eligibility of Participation
The event will be open to all players residing in the USA and Canada. This extends to players with student or long term visas.
Participation fee may apply.*
Tournament Structure
Each team must consist of 3 persons using decks from selected releases (see Deck Regulations).
Wins and losses are calculated by teams as a whole (a team gets a win when they win at least two matches in one round).
Tournament Format (e.g. swiss, double-elimination) may differ between store events.
Kindly check with the tournament organizers for the formats applied on the respective events.
Deck Regulations
  • Each team member may only use cards from one of these releases:
    Trial Deck 01: Brave Logic
    Trial Deck 02: Rinne Logic
  • All three teammates may not play one same release. For example, if 2 player has already chosen to play TD01, the third player has to play TD02 deck.
  • English Edition Luck & Logic cards may be used for this event.
  • Japanese Edition Luck & Logic, counterfeit or modified cards may not be used for this event.
  • Players are required to use opaque card sleeves so that the back of cards cannot be easily distinguished.

Kindly check with the tournament organizers for additional deck regulations applied on the respective events.

Participation Prize

Luck & Logic Can Badge (2 types available)

Exclusive Deck Case

Participant of Trio Tournaments may receive 1pc Can Badge and 1pc Exclusive Summer Break Campaign Deck Case.*

* While stocks last.

※ Kindly note that tournament participation fee, format, and regulations may differ among individual store events.
Please check with your local tournament organizer for each event’s details.
The number of can badges and deck cases allocated to each shop is limited. While stocks last.

Trio Tournament Dates & Locations

(List of participating stores and event schedule will be featured here! Keep a look-out on this space!)

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