Announcement on the Additional Rules and Card Restriction for English Edition Luck & Logic

03/08/2017 BLOGNEWS

Announced on: March 8, 2017 | Effective from: March 31, 2017

From the results of both Japanese Edition Tournaments, BCF2016 and WGP2016, with the effect from February 26, 2017, additional rules on hand-size has been added to the Japanese Edition Luck & Logic comprehensive rules and card restrictions will be implemented to all Bushiroad-sanctioned Japanese Edition Luck & Logic tournaments.

In order to maintain a healthy tournament environment for English Edition Luck & Logic tournament, the hand-size limitation and card restriction will be implemented in English Edition Luck & Logic as well with the effect from March 31, 2017.

After the analyzing the result of both Japanese Edition Tournament (BCF2016 & WGP2016) last year, the number of players using “Tamaki Deck” was dominating. Initially, Tamaki deck was designed as a defensive deck that allows players to maintain a number of cards in hand easier compared to other decks. However, this resulted in allowing players to accumulate a large number of cards in hand which also includes cards that increase “Limit” logic. As such, regardless of a power battle or an aura battle, players with a large hand size is able to respond to any situation when defending by just adding power or aura continuously. This is also the main reason why “Tamaki Deck” is chosen by most of the players for Japan tournaments.

As “Tamaki Deck” is capable of getting any cards into their hand easily and increasing the chance of drawing cards from the main deck, these specialties allow players to withstand any attack from opponent regardless of power or aura battle. As such, sustaining a large hand size became the main strategy in playing Luck & Logic. Therefore, strategizing and understanding the situation of the battle became not as important for the game and at the same time, it lengthens the game-play.
(*More than 40% of the top players of WGP2016 use “Tamaki Deck”. On the fifth turn of the game, the average number of cards in hand for “Tamaki Deck” players are more than 10 cards)

In order to change the situation of winning the game by accumulating cards in hand, the Japan development team designed “BT05/046EN Viper Fall, Yukari”. However, instead of refreshing the cards in hand, the effect of this card makes the refresh of the main deck easier and thus, this brings advantage to “Tamaki Deck”. (*The deck of all the top players of WGP2016 contained more than 1 copy of “Viper Fall, Yukari”)

If the situation of winning by accumulating large amounts of cards in hand continues, this will cause players to focus only on accumulating cards instead of using other strategies and various card effects. Eventually, the diversity of the game will be reduced drastically.

Hand-Size Limitation

Based on reason explained above, to ensure a smoother game-play in Luck & Logic, a limitation on hand size is added to Luck & Logic Comprehensive Rules.

The maximum hand size is 8 cards.

The additional rules below (highlighted in red) will be implemented.

4.6. Hand
4.6.1. The zone where you put the cards that you draw. The hand is a hidden zone, but you can see the information of cards in your own hand. You may not see the information of cards in your opponent’s hand. The order of cards in your hand are not managed.
4.6.2 The text “N cards that are in your hand can be simply written as “N cards from your hand”.

4.6.3. At the end of a players turn, that player must reduce the number of cards in their hand to the specified amount. (7.7.6) That specified amount is call the “maximum hand size”. At the beginning of a game, the maximum hand size for both players is 8.

7.7 End Phase
7.7.1. The phase to signify the end of a turn.
7.7.2. Each automatic ability with the timing “At the beginning of the end phase” that have not become stand by in this phase becomes stand by.
7.7.3. Resolve a check timing.
7.7.4. Paradoxes on the paradox zone are put into the drop zone.

7.7.5. A check timing occurs.
7.7.6. If the turn player has more cards in their hand than the maximum hand size (4.6.3), that player must choose cards from their hand, and discard them until they have the maximum number of cards allowed.

7.7.7. All “at end of turn” or “during your end of turn” effects will no longer take place.
7.7.8. At this point, if there are no automatic abilities standing by, no rule actions to resolve, and no automatic abilities with “at the beginning of the end phase” that have not become stand by during this end phase, the opponent of the current turn player becomes the new turn player and the game advances to the next turn’s stand phase. This turn ends. Otherwise, return to 7.7.2. If this is not the case, end the turn, and the next turn begins.

In Luck & Logic, the current metagame is accumulating large amounts of cards in hand.

Below are the reasons that shaped the current metagame and at the same time, lengthened game-play.
• Players have to choose a card from numerous cards in hand.
• Until players can hold a handful of cards with decent card effects, and the number of cards in hand is more than their opponents, players choose not to attack.

It may give players a strong impression that by just having a large hand size, they can boost the power of their members easily.

We hope by implementing a hand size limitation, the situation will be resolved.When there is a limitation on hand size, players will be more concerned about the balance of their cards in hand. We hope that the game will become such that players can make a conscious decision on which cards to keep in their hand.

When performing a trance, players need 1 Logicalist and 1 Foreigner to perform a trance. As a result, one extra card will be used to mobilize 1 Tranceunion.

Based on testing, even with a hand size limitation, players could perform a sufficient number of trances. On top of that, there are sufficient cards to perform Logic Definition. Thus, the maximum hand size is decided at 8 cards.

Card Restriction

Please find below a list of restricted cards. We wish to maintain a healthy tournament environment, and we thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

BT01/008EN Girl that Likes Sweets, Xiaolin

Starting from March 31, 2017, players may only include up to 1 copy of “Girl that Likes Sweets, Xiaolin” (BT01/008EN) in a deck in all Bushiroad official and Bushiroad sanctioned English version tournaments.

Following the WGP 2016 in Japan, it was apparent that Tamaki decks were at the top standings at a high frequency, and were heavily influencing the metagame. Within that deck, combining the wide range ability of this card reading “Search your deck for up to one “Tamaki” member, put it into your drop zone” with other Tamaki cards created a noticeable gap when a Tamaki and non-Tamaki deck would interact. Noting that a large portion of Tamaki decks was running four copies of this card, a decision was made to restrict it.


BT05/008EN Comforting Waves Edge, Tamaki

Starting from March 31, 2017, players may only include up to 1 copy of “Comforting Waves Edge, Tamaki” (BT05/008EN) in a deck in all Bushiroad official and Bushiroad sanctioned English version tournaments.

With “Crystal Beach at Noon,” it became possible to put cards in the player’s drop zone into his or her soul. However, many cards are sent to the drop zone even from the beginning of the game, and it became apparent that amassing cards in the soul were easier than expected, and this ability could be reused more than once during a game. Additionally, this Tamaki does not use up the cards in hand, and instead creating a situation where the opponent is forced to use their cards in hand. Compared to other decks, Tamaki’s resource gathering was identified as a problem and is the reason why this card and “Girl that Likes Sweets, Xiaolin” was restricted. This change will also force Tamaki-focused decks to add additional copies of other cards.

Furthermore, with the rules regarding maximum hand size being added, this card’s ability was originally meant for defense, but being able to draw a card during your opponent’s turn to reach 8 cards in hand, will give the player a large advantage, and is another reason why the card was restricted.

*This card is from Booster Pack 05 Trance Re:union which releases on March 31, 2017


BT05/046EN Viper Fall, Yukari

Starting from March 31, 2017, players may only include up to 1 copy of “Viper Fall, Yukari” (BT05/046EN) in a deck in all Bushiroad official and Bushiroad sanctioned English version tournaments.

This card was originally created to continue the pace of long lasting games where players were unable to draw cards they needed, but it has become apparent that this card has been used to achieve victory by forcing the opponent to run out of cards in their deck. At the recent national tournament, the frequency this card was played in decks was quite high and was noted that many decks would add a color or a world in order to play this card’s ability.

With the addition of the maximum hand size rule, it has become more difficult to end the game by having your opponent run out of cards in their deck, but by using the ability multiple times throughout a game, it would create ties during battle, and for this reason, a decision was reached to limit it.

*This card is from Booster Pack 05 Trance Re:union which releases on March 31, 2017


Thank you for reading and we hope you could understand the decision on the Card Restriction. We deeply regret any inconveniences caused.


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