Information for Booster Pack 03 Spirit & Signal Paradox Day is now available!

10/05/2016 EVENT

Luck & Logic Paradox Day is a special tournament event to celebrate the release of a new Luck & Logic Booster Pack product. This event will take place approximately 1 month after the release of the product so that players have sufficient time to gather new cards that they need, as well as make preparations for the tournament event.

Participate and stand a chance to obtain exclusive event items such as deck separator and rubber playmat.

Release Date of Booster Pack 03 “Spirit & Signal”

November 4th 2016

Tournament Event Period

December 2nd, 3rd or 4th 2016

Tournament Format

Swiss Draw + Top 8 cut
*Top 8 cut only applies if the number of participants is 17 or more.
If the number of participants is 16 or less, a Top 4 cut will be applied instead.

Participation Prize – Deck Separator

*While stock last

Winner Prize & Raffle Prize – Rubber playmat

*Raffle prize will be given out randomly to one participant per shop.

  • Please note that only selected shops will be running the Paradox Day Special Tournament.
  • Please note that all date and time of the tournaments are accurate as of the application forms submitted by the shops. Kindly do check with your local shops for any changes.
  • The event will only be held on one of the dates. If you discover any shop running the tournament more than once or not on the stipulated date, kindly inform us at

North America

Latin America

If there are any inquiries regarding the tournament guidelines, please feel free to contact Bushiroad’s
user support at the following e-mail address:

  • (North America)
  • (Europe)
  • (Asia-Oceania)

For shops wish to run the Paradox Day Special Tournament, you may contact your respective distributor or our user support.


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