The Worlds of Luck & Logic


◆The World Where We Live In



Ruled by humans.

A place where creatures such as God, Demon and Dragon do not exist.

In order to guard the threat of the parallel worlds,

the Another Logic Counter Agency,

known as the ALCA, exists in various location around the world.

When the Foreigners arrives at Septpia,

they will transform to the “adaptive body” , a form that conforms to the logic of Septpia.



◆Parallel Worlds



The world of “Power”. Supernatural world.

The civilization is not technological advanced and it is where the beasts and humanoid beasts reside.

The brave ones will be respected and those who win the battle fair and square will acquire everything.

The warriors who stand at the top of anyone else, they are known as The Four Battle Kings.


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The world of “Soul”. Oriental world.

The balance is maintained among the heavens, the ground and the underworld,

and the souls transmigrates within these three realms.

In order to repel the threat of the evil spirit “Sawarigami”

who appeared with the miasma from the underworld,

the capital of Shinkyo is covered with a huge barrier and trained continuously for their exorcism skills.

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A world of “Faith” where gods reside.

It is divided between the heavens that the Gods that honor prayers rule over,

and the ground inhabited by ordinary people.

The Gods get their strength from the faith of people,

and by performing miracles, the people’s faith in them grows,

creating a balanced cycle.

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A world of “Rationality”.

It is a world bustling with robots and androids,

with advanced sciences that could only be thought to be magic.

Nano machines in the atmosphere bring programs to life,

and because of this phenomenon, all wishes come true.

It strives to eliminate its populace’s discomfort of not getting their wish granted.

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