Aid & Arms


Booster Pack 04

20 Packs per Box,
7 Cards per Pack

Product Information

BT04 Highlights
New Rarity: A new power ≪TR Trance Rare≫!!

Impact the battle with a single card!
A game finishing card that is stronger than a RR! Introducing the new rarity, ≪TR – Trance Rare≫!! Posses powerful abilities! You’ll know you opened a great card!

The number of different “R” cards have been increased!

Compared to previous sets, we have increased the number of different “R” rarity cards!
There are many key cards included to build a wide array of decks!

Featured worlds include “Monolium” and “Tritomy”

The reintroduction of Monolium, featured in set 1, and Tritomy, featured in the previous set.
Includes tons of key cards for player’s decks!

The return of popular Logicalists!

Reintroducing the Yellow and Blue popular Logicalists, “Sena” “Aoi” and “Sieghard”
Strengthens player’s BT01 decks!

Box toppers & Carton topper included!

One out of 2 PR cards (special gate cards) are included as a box topper!

*For those starting out in the game, you must use 10 gate cards in order to play, which are included in the Trial Deck.


◆ 1 pack contains 7 random cards
◆ 1 card in every pack will definitely be a paradox card
◆ 1 display contains 20 packs

Card Rarity Detail

◆ 100 cards total(+2∞TR & 3SP & 10SR)
◆ TR:2 / RR:10 / R:20 / U:28 / C:28 / PxR(Paradox Rare):4 / PxC(Paradox Common):8

*You must have 8 paradox cards in your deck
(There are two rarities PxR & PxC)

Featured Worlds world_territory_icon1MONOLIUM world_territory_icon4TRITOMY

Featured Colors LL_material_cardicon_yellowYELLOW LL_material_cardicon_redRED LL_material_cardicon_greenGREEN LL_material_cardicon_blueBLUE

Featured Logicalists

Commercial Movie

  • Luck & Logic TV Animation (Japanese)
  • Luck & Logic Facebook
  • English Cardfight!! Vanguard Website
  • English Weiẞ Schwarz Website
  • English Future Card Buddyfight Website
  • Bushiroad Website