Cyber Logic


Trial Deck 04


Pre-constructed 60 Card Deck

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Product Information

TD04 Highlights
Start immediately!

Everything you need to play the game is included. You can easily strengthen your deck by purchasing two copies of the same deck.


These cards can be used in conjunction with future decks!

Gate cards necessary for play included!

Featuring illustrations from the respective worlds.

Characteristics of Cyber Logic

Predict StyleThe ability to predict the future from the world Tritomy is represented with abilities that
read “Look at the top card from your deck.”
Read the future and be on step ahead of your opponent at all times.

Tritomy Necessary CardsFeatures many important cards with multiple copies needed to build a Tritomy deck
(Tritomy Paradox cards, Basic Tactics cards, and Vanguard abilities).

World of Reasonable DoctrineFuture SciFi World Tritomy cards feature beautiful gate illustrations.

What is “Trance”?

Beautiful girls (and sometimes boys) possess an array of abilities who “trance” with travelers from parallel dimensions, and transform into a new fascinating appearance.


◆ 1 pre-constructed trial deck (contains 50 cards + 10 gate cards necessary for play)
◆ Quick manual
◆ Playmat (The reverse side has details on deck construction)

※ Each design may have multiple copies of cards in the trial deck.
※ Every trial deck has the same set of cards.

Featured World world_territory_icon4TRITOMY

Featured Color LL_material_cardicon_redRED

Featured Logicalist




・収録カード 16種50枚

カードNo. カード名 レベル 種別 ワールド 収録枚数
SD01/01 虎の咆哮 ! クロエ 4 合理体 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/02 大勝利! クロエ 4  合理体 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/03 水上追跡 クロエ 3  合理体 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/04 初の実戦 クロエ 3  合理体 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/05 新たな出会い クロエ 2  合理体 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/06 トランス成功! クロエ 2  合理体 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/07 定理者 クロエ 1  定理者 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/08 常在戦場の クロエ 1  定理者 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/09 ALCA入局! クロエ 1  定理者 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/10 迅撃の ダイガ 1  使者 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/11 流の フィリル 1  使者 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/12 悠然たる ダイガ 1  使者 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/13 波砕きの三叉矛  –  戦術 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/14 虎の狩場  –  戦術 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/15 天涯絶叫  –  逆理 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4
SD01/16 海裂きの戒め  –  逆理 ll_color_gr world_territory_icon1 4

・基本門カード 5種10枚

カードNo. カード名 レベル 種別 ゲートNo. ワールド 収録枚数
SD01/G001 ガイガン山脈 1 world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/G002 タロンガ浜 2 world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/G003 トゥクク大樹の虚 3 world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/G004 ゲルガの足跡 4 world_territory_icon1 2
SD01/G005 ワロトア洞窟 5 world_territory_icon1 2




ヴァンガードG×ラクエンロジック クロスキャンペーン対象商品
・ラクエンロジック Good Luck Campaign対象商品です。



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