Player Etiquette




Manners during the fight


“Hello!” “All the best!” “Thank you!”

Let’s start the game with simple greetings!


“I’m attacking using this member!”
“I’ll use Logic Drive!”
“I’ll define the Paradox!”

Declare your actions loud and clear to your opponents.

A game may be ruined if both you and your opponents do not share the same consensus.

Regardless if he/she is a player you know, your families or friends, let’s play this game carefully such that there won’t be any dispute.


There are 2 main reasons for shuffling.

  • Ensure that you do not know the position of each cards.
  • To prove that you have no idea where each of your cards are to your opponents.

You can shuffle your cards by splitting your cards into different piles, by doing the Hindu Shuffle, or let your opponents shuffle for you.

Also, try to refrain yourself from making suspicious moves such as touching your deck unnaturally or changing your seats etc.


If you want to check your opponent’s card’s abilities or check your opponent’s drop zone etc., remember to ask for your opponent’s permission before touching his/her cards.

Also, even if you have your opponent’s permission to touch his/her cards, remember to handle the cards with care!


Place your cards in a way such that your opponent can see clearly. Whether your cards are in the “Stand” or “Rest” position or which territories the cards are covering for (in the situation where the card is covering 2 or 4 territories),

Make sure that you are clear with your card arrangements in case your opponent ask you about the card etc.



It is recommended in Luck & Logic to use different sleeves for the Main Deck and the Gate Deck.

However, you are required to use the same sleeves for each deck (Main and Gate Deck).

In the case where the game progression is affected, please check with the judges which deck does the card belongs to.

There are also cases where other measures are needed, so before the game starts, we strongly encourage you to change the sleeves of each deck.



Prohibited Actions


Excessive hand shuffle is the act of shuffling your cards in hand after drawing a card.
Let’s refrain from such action as it will create noise that will make your opponents feel uncomfortable.

Also, refrain from bending the cards back and forth as it will create suspicions of cheating behaviours; markings etc.


The game only holds when the opponent is present.

Therefore, please avoid actions that will cause discomfort during the game play such as the use of threatening tone or flaming.


Nobody will want to play against a player who cheats.

Not only cheating, taking advantages of your opponent (to overlook certain rulings made during the game) and any actions that violate fair play are not allowed.

The lesser the number of players committing such dishonest acts, the more the players will get to enjoy the game!

Prioritize fair play before winning is important!

So, let’s bear all these in mind and create an environment together where all players can enjoy this game fully!


Other Manners and Rules

Depending on the event/tournaments, the rules that have to be followed and the cards that can be used may change accordingly.

Please check the event/tournament information or floor rules before participating in the event/tournament!

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